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Currently starring in the Netflix Cannabis Comedy ‘Disjointed’, Elizabeth talks marijuana and working with Kathy Bates

Interview by Adam Crookes

When studying Business at University, what did you have hopes of doing for a career?

When I was first attending USC, my main goal was to just get myself to Los Angeles; I was using the university as an excuse to move down there. The plan I’d hatched in my brain was to pursue an acting career, strike it famous in a year, and leave Uni.

Since fame (of course) did not immediately find me during my freshman year, I found myself at a loss and really facing reality for the first time in my life. I’d always been successful in achieving my goals, and I realized this Hollywood nut was on a whole new level of figuring out how to crack. I felt like I was living a double life: trying to balance the wishes of my family to be a business major while also trying to pursue my own creative ambitions. I hadn’t anticipated actually sticking with being a business major. I ended up taking a year off in between my freshman and sophomore year because I was so unhappy. The time away from school gave me some much-needed perspective, and once I came back to college, it was clear that I needed to follow my heart and pursue theatre. I changed my major, and I never looked back.

Robert Voets/Netflix

Did you audition for Netflix’s ‘Disjointed’?

Yes! I did audition for Netflix’s “Disjointed.” I have had the honor of working with our executive producer Chuck Lorre before on his hit show “Two and a Half Men,” and it is always exciting to audition for his shows. But let’s be honest, I was also nervous. Auditioning never fails to be a nerve-wracking process, even for those actors who’ve been doing it for their entire lives! Lucky for me, the material was fun and engaging. I had a blast finding the character of “Jenny” and I think that sense of joy translated into the audition room.

What was it like working alongside the legendary Kathy Bates? Were you a fan of her previous work?

Working with Kathy Bates is a dream come true for me, and yes, I’m a huge fan of her work! This woman is a legend and rightfully so. She has such incredible theatrical range. I have admired her theatre career (“‘night, Mother” certainly comes to mind) and, of course, I was both frightened and fascinated by her incredible work in the classic film “Misery.” It was wonderful to have the opportunity to learn from her every day on set. Kathy is a complete joy to work with. Not only is she gracious and genuine, but she is unbelievably funny. I am beyond lucky to work with her on a daily basis.

Robert Voets/Netflix

How much did you find out about marijuana while on the show?

OMG, I learned so much about marijuana from being on “Disjointed!” On set with us, we were lucky to have a cannabis consultant, Dr. Dina Browner (doctorate in cannabis awarded by none other than Snoop Dogg himself), who runs a real dispensary in Los Angeles. She taught us how that works: from the day-to-day store activities, to how the plants needed to look during each stage of their growth. I’m a huge proponent for entrepreneurs and self-starters since that’s essentially what acting is from a business point of view, and it was incredible to connect in that way with other go-getters.

What are your ambitions for your YouTube Channel?

Lately, my YouTube channel “LizHoShow” has taken a bit of a backseat because of my work on “Disjointed”. My future goals with my channel are to continue to post as much fun DIY content as I can that makes people smile when they watch it.

You can catch Elizabeth Ho on ‘Disjointed’ on NETFLIX.

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