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Yet tonight is not a festive night for Jews in many states who must celebrate secretly for fear they may be targeted violently by anti-Semitic hate networks; or Nazis; which are a separate category due to how vicious they are.

Tonight begins the New Year for one of the three main religious sects in the country. Rosh Hashana: a Jewish holiday that signify’s the beginning of the autumnal High Holy days. A holiday that is almost always in the month of September, for Judaism. This holiday is celebrated differently by everyone, but the popular way being a recital of a prayer after dipping a fruit into honey and eating it. Tonight, Sam Ronan and his Jewish girlfriend, Ellie Tracy, celebrate Rosh Hashana by doing just that. Sources nearby state that Ellie is in Sam’s home state of Ohio, and cozying near her paramour as the growing-popular-internet couple ring in a year of surprises and love with one another. The couple remains surreptitious in their relationship, but news of their endeavors continues to unfold and come to light. Ellie is making no effort to hide the affection giving people a primary look at it all over her FaceBook profile while Sam leaks it through word of mouth; possibly to deny it later.

The importance of this holiday for Ellie Tracy is starkly different than it is for Sam Ronan. Ellie comes from a direct Jewish line that were victims of the Nazi regime, I am unsure in what area of Europe, but sources nearby make it a point to mention that the violence forced upon the Jewish population under Hitler, remains something that haunts her. With most of her family dead, Ellie celebrates with a small, close, group of people helping her laugh through the sadness that befalls her on almost every major Jewish holiday, more so on Passover and Yom Kippur, which happens to be not too far from today. With the rise of Nazidom in America, and Jews celebrating secretly on this holiday as reported on CNN, Newsweek, and The New York Times; I cannot help but assume that Ellie is seeking protection by being with Sam rather than at a hometown synagogue; as he attempts to salve the wounds that will never heal, because of how atrocious and negative the crime against the Jews remain. A crime against humanity. Which leads me to the question, America what side of history are you on? I can only hope that this year brings the end of anti-antisemitism and the rise of hateful networks like the Nazis.

Amid allegations of unfaithfulness and distrust with women, Sam remains steady with Ellie. Maybe she has succeeded in taming the dark side of Sam Ronan.

On this new year I hope that the couple remains open and welcoming to new surprises. Happy Rosh Hashana, Sam and Ellie; and may your love be as sweet as the honey we dip our apples into.

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