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When genies go freemium

A plume of deep purple smoke poured forth from the bronze lamp. Its rich texture gave it an almost-solidity. A shape took form from within the smog, a humanoid hulk looms over the explorer. Its eyes glowed a dirty yellow like flames stolen from a forgotten sun. It spoke. “You have freed me! For that, I thank you. I shall grant you one wish. Think carefully.”

“Wait, one wish? The legends said three!” The explorer not at all fazed by his bulk or booming voice.

“We are going freemium now. If you enjoyed your first wish, please upgrade to a silver or gold lamp to unlock more perks.” The Genie hands over a poster featuring upgrades.

The explorer didn’t care for that, he had thought his way past all obstacles so far, he’s not going to pay an extra $4.99 after coming so far.

“I wish…that I have infi-”

“Wishing for infinite wishes are not valid. Please read the terms and conditions and sign on the last page.”

The explorer cursed under his breath and signed on the last page without reading. “They said you’d do everything. I can’t believe I risked all that, to be stuck with this stupid-”

“You could wish for a recommendation.” The Genie held his breath to see if the Explorer would bite the bait.

“That’s a great suggestion,” the Explorer said with mock enthusiasm, “I wish for a rec-com-meh- never mind, I forgot,” he said with a smirk.

“Very well, you wish to forget. Your wish will commence after this sponsored message.” The Genies said.

“No, no damn it! Don’t you Siri my words! I did not wish for that. Cancel wish! CANCEL!”

“Introducing a revolution to the Unicorn. The Multicorn. Using the latest in rainbow tech…”

Stories at 90km/h (sometimes 0km/h)

is a series where I free-write on my train rides.

Expect half-finished things on most days and very finished things on days when the train breaks down.

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