PA-AUK MEDITATION CENTRE is happy to announce the celebration of our Kaṭhina Robe & Requisites Offering Ceremony on Sunday, 22 October 2017.

Ven Aggadhammagavesaka and Venerable Jāneyyācāra will have observed the 3 month Rains Retreat at our Centre. During this period, our members and devotees have provided Bhante with allowable requisites of robes, food, shelter and medicine. Bhante has in turn, taught us Dhamma and provided guidance on meditation, which have benefited many.

We are delighted to inform that several distinguished Pa-Auk venerables are expected to be here to join in the Ceremony, including Taze Sayadaw U Vimala, Venerable Dhammasubho, Venerable Ukkansa, Venerable Kuṇḍadhāna, Venerable Aggañña, Venerable Dhammasāra, Venerable Kumarābhivaṃsa, Venerable Janakābhivaṃsa, Venerable Visuddhacāra, Venerable Sugatavaṃsa and Venerable Candāloka.

We welcome all to join us in the offering of Kaṭhina Robe, as well as robes and requisites for all Venerables who will be gracing the occasion (for details, please refer to the attached below).

The Centre will make available robes and allowable requisites for offering to members of the Mahāsaṅgha.

(Please message Sis Fei Ling @91834744 for ordering of the 8-requisites @$280 per set)



届时,至上寻法尊者(Venerable Aggadhammagavesaka)和盛智行尊者(Venerable Jāneyyācāra) 将于中心完成为期三个月的雨安居。在雨安居期间,中心会员及信众供养尊者袈裟、食物、住所和医药等如法资具;尊者也为我们开示佛法及指导禅修,让我们获益良多。

我们也十分荣幸地邀请了多位帕奥传承的尊者参与盛会。他们包括了丹西西亚多(Taze Sayadaw U Vimala)、净法尊者(Venerable Dhammasubho)、优越尊者(Venerable Ukkansa)、贡达塔那尊者(Venerable Kuṇḍadhāna)、尚智尊者(Venerable Aggañña, 阿甘尼雅尊者)、法菁尊者(Venerable Dhammasāra)、古马拉阿毗旺萨尊者(Venerable Kumarābhivaṃsa)、迦纳格阿毗旺萨尊者(Venerable Janakābhivaṃsa), 道澄尊者(Venerable Visuddhacāra)、善至种尊者(Venerable Sugatavaṃsa) 和月光尊者 (Venerable Candāloka).





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