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Hackers download exposed bank code on Google Rigging $32 Trillion

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All Credit Cards Hacked due to Exposed PCI Code and evidence of names in PCI Code in article below

According to IEEE there are 281,474,976,710,656 possible MAC addresses to track downloads on the exposed PCI code (There are 281.5 Trillion MAC addresses)(2016). Would Federal Foreign officials impose massive fines in Trillions against US Coders since the code was sitting on a USA server ?, which are inflicting pain against themselves on abusing PCI code that should be secured ? HP claims that their Security safeguards are essential for any business that processes payment card transactions. Millions of consumer credit card transactions are processed every day by a range of organizations, including hospitality, transportation, higher education and retail. HP provides these technologies from other partners to these organizations, which must protect customer information from fraud and identity theft by cyber-criminals. Nearly 80 percent of all businesses fail their interim PCI compliance assessment, leaving them vulnerable to cyber attacks, according to Verizon PCI Assessment 2015 PCI Compliance Report. With more than two-thirds of all purchases made with payment cards and $20 trillion in credit card transactions expected for 2015 that contain millions of system’s developed with MLS “Multi Layered Security” PCI DSS, but these amounts are gone and sitting in various corporate accounts or corporate offshore accounts, which security has become a top priority for organizations that accept credit cards. In 2016 however $12 Trillion is expected, but with this PCI code that are accessible to everyone we was able buy it from criminals and re sale to make a profit using Tor browsing the Deep Web (Trillions of dollars with purchases made using PCI code) (2015). There would be alot of interrogation using Mind Control Weapons as your typical coder downloaded the PCI code and massively abused computer systems to steal Credit Card data and sell on the Deep Web however in other words tracking the MAC addresses there would be a TON of prison sentences, which could be your FBI agent or typical professional in the Technology world. Shocking news raised flags on their security when Databreaches.net and Hackbusters reported a massive data breach due to failure for applying correct file permissions, which is a simple task for a IT professional to perform (Massive Databreach worldwide) (System Admins applying incorrect file permissions) (2016) (Hackbusters) (2014). Hackers can now simply download the code from the repo and execute the code to Millions of servers simultaneously to pour out TONS of Credit card data and spill on the Deep Web for sale because of the sacred code leaked from this Billion dollar corporation. The amount of times the PCI-DSS code was accessed was well over 1 Million times, which that gives an idea that many legitimately professionals are stealing credit card data. Prior to this publication we was able to find a twitter feed of various organizations reporting this to FTC to file claim for class action lawsuit ( FTC Twitter Billions++ in Lawsuits) (2016) The PCI code can be found at HP partners repository, which we was able to locate the code on the Deep Web with HP partners name in the code however we was able to clone servers to be like payment systems (Share to the PCI code for criminals to steal) (2016). This will allow anyone to setup a PCI compliant company and be able to steal Millions and Billions of dollars however there are 11.1 Million search results that list companies to claim to be able to secure your payment systems (11 Million PCI Compliant companies) (Google) (2016). According to reports, we have located an article that HP and partners breached PCI data code, which Banks was able to spot the vulnerability causing HP and partners to be on the hook for $200 Billion (HP and Partners on the hook for $200 Billion) (Banks want class action suit) (2014). After investigations we was able to click PCI DSS Tresys Code Repository and was able to see Tresys and HP Updated: Hewlett-Packard <paul.moore@hp.com> located in the comments section in the script. This was contained in the PCI data code and MLS “Multi Layered Security” using with PCI data code, but now the repository is missing however we was able to get the same code from the Deep Web, which will allow other companies to file Lawsuits and class action lawsuits (MLS PCI DSS Guide)(HP Exposed MLS PCI DSS Code) (2016). The 404 Not found Link shows that the officials took the PCI payment code offline after publication of “HP and partners on the hook for $200 Billion on benprise website. however its all over the Internet causing a major glitch, which will cost over Trillions (https://github.com/TresysTechnology/clip/tree/master/packages/aqueduct/aqueduct/compliance/Bash/PCI/rhel6/test) (2016). The company seemed to have still kept some sensitive government secret code however still left some PCI code and pushed it on Github from Tresys main internal repo located here > http://oss.tresys.com/projects/clip/browser/packages/aqueduct/aqueduct/compliance/Bash/PCI/rhel6/test , which gets forwarded to Github website pinning the lawsuit claims to Github however the main PCI code was not found, but found this HP partner tresys emails as evidence > mpalmiotto@tresys.com ( Link to PCI forbidden code moved to github from seized link). The PCI links on internal Tresys, which they linked to Github can also be found on benprise article as officials reported. Below are examples of PCI Payment Card code are still available even though the links that was seized by officials, but the below PCI code is not usable :

%package PCI

Group: Application/SystemTools

Summary: Compliance scripts for the PCI (Payment Card Industry).

%description PCI

This package contains the compliance scripts and default profiles for PCI compliance.

# Files involved in the PCI

install -m 0755 -d $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/etc/aqueduct/profiles/PCI/rhel-6

install -m 0755 -d $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/libexec/aqueduct/PCI/rhel-6/scripts

# install -m 0640 etc/aqueduct/profiles/PCI/rhel-6-beta/default.profile $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/etc/aqueduct/profiles/PCI/rhel-6-beta/default.profile

# install -m 0755 -d $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/etc/aqueduct/profiles/PCI/firefox

install -m 0755 -d $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/libexec/aqueduct/PCI/firefox/scripts

# install -m 0640 etc/aqueduct/profiles/PCI/firefox/default.profile $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/etc/aqueduct/profiles/PCI/firefox/default.profile

install -m 0750 -t $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/libexec/aqueduct/PCI/rhel-6/scripts compliance/Bash/PCI/rhel6/prod/pci*

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When googling MLS 49,700 results populate that shows data centers uses Multi Layered Security when applying PCI DSS to their infrastructure. The Multi Layered Security “MLS” architecture defends against intrusions or attacks that penetrate beyond a firewall, which this means any hacker can download the MLS code and surpass the firewall easily and take Trillions of dollars worth of credit card data and re sell on the Deep Web ( Multi Layered Security features) (2016). Any major corporation who clicks the HP exposed MLS PCI DSS Code will trigger massive Lawsuits as this code is in many payment credit card servers stretched across the world. Many other criminals took the code and posted the code for re sale to other criminals to be able to steal credit card data. This code can be used to deploy to Millions of virtual machines on many different platforms, which these are customers of the criminals PCI compliant companies however they advertise that they do business with fortune 500 and fortune 1000 companies and steal a percentage of income from company revenue. When you go out to shop and you swipe your card; the question comes to mind is where your credit card data is going?

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