Everyone protesting said they were DACA.

Everyone protesting said they were DACA. To my knowledge that means they and their parents originated south of the border.

As an example of the countries who don't have significant illegal immigration to the US is Costa Rica. Costa Rica immigrants are 3% of Central America immigrants and out of at least 12,000,000 illegal immigrants in the US Costa Rica has 90,000 or 0.6% of the total.

Why? Because Costa Rica is not a third world dictatorship like all these other despotic hellholes. Costa Rica is a true democracy with a government that has the respect of everyone.

Be clear I am not criticizing the individuals because of their heritage. I am criticizing them because of the culture they demonstrated in this meeting. A culture of violence, yelling and suppressing free speech typical of these other countries and the politics of those countries. I am referring to who are the major disgorgers of people because of their failed governments. El Salvador, Honduras, México, Colombia, …

These hellholes deserve to be called what they are. I’m sorry. Any country which cannot provide opportunity and freedom for its people so that 30% of the population of the country has to come to the US is a despicable country.

How do these countries stay horrific hellholes that nobody wants to go back to and to which immigrants advocates claim would be virtual death if they were returned? They do it by having dysfunctional corrupt illegitimate governments that protect elites and treat their people like slaves. Exactly what these people will impose here if they follow the culture they learned in these despicable places.

This is exactly why we can’t take arbitrary numbers of illegal immigrants from anyplace in the world.

We also can’t do it while our educational system is so dysfunctional that people dont know what free speech is, why we have it and why it is the first amendment of the constitution not the 4rth or 10th.

I’m sorry I have no respect for these countries and before we take mass numbers of people from any of these hellholes we need to vett them and even if they simply want to work I think we can do better. Anybody who thinks American citizenship is so worthless that we just give it away to anybody who crosses the border should be ejected immediately.

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