Ready for the big time.

There is one very specific thing that will define the 2018 midterm elections.

If you look at this graph you will see it.

As you can see, it’s a no brainer. But people are still in denial. Why?

First, I think it’s obvious that this is an incredibly popular strategy. The arrow goes up and not down like The Media says.

The Media has continued the narrative that an election will occur, but let me ask you: what is an election really?

And this is why there is no chance of this absurd dream happening. Remember what they said when people knew math? That numbers exist? Well, how about you look below and see what the real story is.

As you can see here, what is a number but another losing issue for those people. And don’t get it wrong either: 89% of people agreed that 40% of those that chose 60% of the 70% of the whole, chose the 23% option. How’s that for the mainstream narrative?

It is completely disproven. Just like the pathetic line trotted out by so many delusional residents that goes, “NO ONE likes insurance companies!”

Insurance companies are the big reason people are happier today than ever under these same policies that were derided by the opposition.

This ain’t the Wild West anymore. People that live by rivers have not proven to be the saviors everyone thought they were.

And they point to this as being the proof of their success as important people?

It’s a dog eat dog world.

The ride only stops when it doesn’t not stop, and that’s the truth of the matter.




Wrong wrong wrong! No no no no no no NO NO

  1. He said it.
  2. They heard it.
  3. They reacted.

That has not been disputed at all. And does anyone pay attention to it? Believe me, they will very soon.

Tim is a prominent political writer known for his work on Politics 2.0.

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