Revision bill proposed for digitized resident registration cards

By Kim Rahn

A lawmaker has proposed a revision bill to allow digitized resident registration cards so mobile phone owners can use them for online banking and shopping.

Rep. Baek Jae-hyun of the ruling Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) said Thursday he and nine other lawmakers recently submitted the revision to the Resident Registration Act.

This seeks to have digitized resident registration cards saved on an application after encryption, so they can be used as a mobile identification tool.

“Almost all people of the country have cell phones, and security technology to encrypt identification cards has been developed,” Baek said. “Such high technology has increased the need for resident registration cards for mobile phones.

“The revision will set up the legal grounds for a mobile identification tool so that people can use their resident registration cards more safely and conveniently.”

He said Finland had adopted the system, allowing residents to use mobile identification cards at public organizations and financial institutions.

If the revision is passed, people will be able to use either the current resident registration card or the digitized one. The mobile card will expire every three years, according to the bill. Those who use another’s mobile identification card will be subject to three years in jail or a 10 million won in fines, the same punishment for those falsely using current identification cards.

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