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Publicity Stills Galore for THE LAST JEDI!!! Who do you see in Snoke? ⋆ Epeak . Independent news and blogs

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Hey folks, Harry here…   Today we got a big ol image pile of publicity shots from STAR WARS EPISODE VIII: THE LAST JEDI directed by Rian Johnson.   Let’s start with the key one, shall we.   In THE FORCE AWAKENS – we saw the great giant hologram of Supreme Chancellor Snoke.  Now we have him in the flesh.  While THE FORCE AWAKENS was in development at Disney/Lucasfilm – I heard Disney Corporate was adamant about bringing Vader back…  But how is that possible? Now, we all know that the voice and motion capture is being done by Andy Serkis…  People have lots and lots of theories, but everyone is doing guess work.   The tormented face, the comparison to Vader’s scars.   Is it Ezra?   We just don’t know, but who do you see in this gnarly head?

Love that gold robe or gown.  Snokes is undoubtedly twisted as fuck here.   But next – let’s check out the Praetorian Guard.   They look pretty darn sweet, check em out:

Alrighty – next – let’s check out John Boyega’s Finn – striking a solo pose

It seems he has the rest of Poe’s clothes – maybe they share a closet.   Anyway, it seems that his injuries suffered at the saber of Ben Solo aka Kylo Ren, looks like they’ve healed up nicely.   Anyway, the supreme prick of the modern Star Wars universe is next – and he’s very vogue-y here

I wonder which inanimate objects will big boy Kylo will rage upon this time?   Without his Dad around, will Ben strike down Uncle Luke?  I’m pretty sure that’s not happening in Ep 8, as Mark Hamill has indicated that he’ll return in Ep 9 – which will be directed by Colin Trevorrow eventually.  For now though, let’s take a look at Uncle Master Luke…

Dear God, look at that face.  That stick.  That stick.  I know Rian Johnson knows his Shaw Brothers and Samurai Films…  As the middle film – where we know that Kylo is going to Snoke to “complete his training” – and we know that Rey is showing up on Luke’s magic island world – and she’ll be train, but that stern face.   That stick.  How brutal will Rey’s training be?  How physical versus spiritual?   Will we flinch thinking about that stick?   Will they stick fight – and will it knock her sideways?   When I was a kid – stick practice fighting with friends  while making WOOSH sounds ruled, cuz in those days, Sabers were not quite as accessible as they are today – and nowhere near the perfect motion and sound effects that the higher end sabers we have.   No, sticks – and sounds from your mouth were great.   Sometimes, we wrapped the sticks in colored Duct Tape.  We got swollen knuckles by getting knocked about.   But we were training to be JEDI – everyone I knew.   Oh – I can’t wait to see what is up with that stick!

I have to say – she doesn’t look beat to fuck by a stick.   Maybe Uncle Master Luke is chill.  He doesn’t look chill.   He looks… STERN.   I can’t wait to hear John Williams’ developing themes for Rey in THE LAST JEDI.   It’s probably one of the high marks for… wanna know now!   

I also wonder what Rian Johnson is gonna do with Gwendoline Christie’s CAPTAIN PHASMA.   I hope she does something legitimately  cool – that gets her more Boba Fett vibes, rather than being instantly captured and put in a garbage chute.

Well, she’s got some metal javelin looking thing with points at either end?   Does it just look shiny or does it do something neat?   Does she spike it through rebels one after another?   Does it return to her hand?   Is it for really really massive knitting projects?  So many questions.


Keep it cool – it is getting closer… every day,



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