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Kyiv City State Administration is planning to place all structural units in one building

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The idea of moving the entire government administration of Kyiv City goes back for a long time. But for the first time, the Kyiv government has decided to take up this issue seriously. Kyiv City State Administration requested the municipal research institution to develop the concept «Improve the efficiency of managing the resources of the territorial community of the city of Kyiv by optimizing the location of government bodies and municipal enterprises».

At the moment, Kyiv City authorities are considering the option of placing all the offices of the Kyiv City Government in the same building. The mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, has set the goal of optimizing the location of the entire administrative apparatus. At the moment, all Kyiv City State Administration offices are located in different places, which makes communication difficult in addition to being an inefficient use of space. Some of these buildings are located in places where businesses would love to have their offices. The city center needs to be filled with business – hotels, restaurants, and galleries which in turn will create new jobs and encourage tourism and further investment. In addition to these benefits, letting private companies rent these buildings would help the city budget, and improve the efficiency of municipal property management. This decision will lead to optimization – reducing the sprawl of the public sector and increasing its effectiveness. A new municipal building can be designed and constructed or an old one renovated.

«Paradoxically, this idea of centralizing local government employees derived directly from the national government’s decentralization policy. The core of decentralization is to make government more accountable to the citizens, which is more practicable at the local level. The Kyiv government should serve the people of the city, not vice-versa. Moving numerous government departments to one location would free up the Kyiv City center for the use of the citizens and all kinds of businesses that will boost economic growth» – said Oleg Mistuque CEO «Kyiv Investment Agency».

For example, the new building of the City Hall of London is a modern architectural masterpiece. Its architect Sir Norman Foster said he wanted to capture in architecture the ideas of democracy and equality and the accessibility of the mayor’s office to all citizens. The London mayor’s office from the inside is not a traditional office – with “cells” for officials. It is a free plan with viewing galleries, conference halls and meeting rooms, and premises for exhibitions and receptions. Inside the City Hall, there is a public library and restaurants. All the rooms are separated by transparent walls.

The experience of other great cities shows that relocations like this are possible. This plan can be implemented without the involvement of internationally renowned architects. The city center needs to be put in order, which in turn will generate an additional flow of international tourists, more investment for Kyiv businesses, and more income for the city budget. The city is the largest landlord in town, and its task is to encourage economic growth and modernize the infrastructure. It will also improve the standard of living in the city center.

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