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Woman Trips While Taking A Selfie, Destroys $200,000 Worth Of Art ⋆ Epeak . Independent news and blogs

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People go to all sorts of lengths to take a good selfie – some climb sky-high towers, jump into the cages of wild animals and even crash their phones while others, not at all less dangerously, starve themselves for the sake of showing off the widest thigh gap to date.

And despite this particular lady wasn’t performing any stunts during her visit to a Los Angeles’ gallery, her attempted selfie is now making headlines all over the web. Watch the video and at about 0:13 mark you’ll understand why…

The unidentified gallery visitor has reportedly knocked over and destroyed as much as $200,000 worth of artwork by Hong Kong-based Simon Birch, which is currently on display at the 14th Factory in L.A.

The CCTV footage, that was uploaded to multiple platforms including YouTube, shows two women examining Birch’s work when one of them steps in front of a pedestal to either pose for or take a photo of herself. Because you know – pics or didn’t happen.

However, in this case, ‘pics or didn’t happen’ gains a whole new meaning as we can definitely see it happening but have no pics to show for it. 

As Hyperallergic points out, the mishap took place in a room that hosts the Hypercaine installation – a collaborative showcase of works by Birch, Gabriel Chan, Jacob Blitzer and Gloria Yu. Each of the pedestals have a crown-like object placed on them – the objects are made of wood, nylon, scrap metal but also precious metals such as gold, silver and marble.

According to Yu, “three sculptures were permanently damaged and others to varying degrees; The approximate cost of damage is $200,000.”

But some are taking the news with a grain of salt. The Guardian published an article titled Woman’s selfie causes ‘$200,000 of damage’ to artworks – but was it a stunt? questioning the credibility of the event. The story points out that the CCTV footage is almost too perfect to be accidental and that it might’ve been a marketing stunt by “one or more of the artists involved.”

Real or not, it is sure fun to watch. If you wish to visit the exhibition yourself, it’s on display until July 30th at the 14th Factory in Los Angeles.

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