These Unbelievable Before And After Photos Prove That The Number On The Scale Means Nothing

From Delish

You know how the old adage goes: Weight is just a number. But that can be hard to remember when the number in the scale isn’t quite what you were hoping to see. Here’s the thing, though: If you’re a fan of those body positive sayings, you should also know muscle weighs more than fat – and nothing’s better proof of that than a photo. Here are 12 images that’ll inspire you to throw your #goalweight out the window.

Booties that look like this ? aren’t weightless.

An all-cardio workout routine may burn calories, but it won’t score you any definition.

This is what more muscle mass and less body fat looks like.

Can you believe there’s only a two pound difference between these two photos?

If this is what eating 2,000 calories a day looks like, sign me up.

The message here: Weight-lifting may make you bulk up – but in all the right places.

Skinny ≠ in shape.

Three years and a whole lot of body changes later, you’d never know this mom is at the same weight she started.

It took ten months for her to lose fat and gain muscle.

The only thing this hottie’s saying to the scale: #byefelicia.

Her stomach looks so much tinier, but there are an extra 13 pounds on her frame.

Guess what the more-toned girl on the right is eating? Cheat meals.

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