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Trump’s Lawyer Goes On ‘Fox News Sunday’ And Gets Thoroughly Humiliated ⋆ Epeak . Independent news and blogs

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Earlier this week, despite the efforts of his team to argue otherwise, President Trump confirmed via Twitter that he is being investigated for obstruction of justice. He tweeted on Friday morning:

‘I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt’

Even though President Trump has confirmed that he is under investigation, his legal team is still insisting otherwise. On Sunday morning, during an interview with Fox News’s Chris Wallace, Jay Sekulow, one of Trump’s attorneys, denied that the president is being investigated.

The interview began with Sekulow claiming that the tweet from Trump confirming the investigation was merely in response to a story from The Washington Post, the outlet that broke the news last week.

Things got heated, though, when Sekulow went on to complain to Wallace about Trump being under investigation.

‘He takes the action that [the Attorney General’s office] recommended and now he’s being investigated by the Department of Justice … He’s being investigated for taking the action that the attorney general and deputy attorney general recommended him to take by the agency who recommended the terminations!’

After hearing Sekulow say twice that Trump is being investigated, Wallace commented, “You’ve now said he is being investigated after saying [he isn’t].”

Sekulow responded by backpedaling and saying, “No, he’s not being investigated!”

After Wallace reminded Sekulow that he had just said Trump is being investigated, Sekulow tried to rephrase his point once again. Wallace had no patience for it, though.

‘Sir, you just said two times that he’s being investigated, and he’s not just being investigated for firing Comey, there’s also what he said to Comey when Comey was still the FBI director.’

Sekulow responded by saying Wallace was putting words in his mouth when he was just trying to explain the “legal theory” behind a possible investigation.

‘I do not appreciate you putting words in my mouth when I have been crystal clear that the president is not and has not been under investigation.’

After much back and forth about whether or not the president is under investigation and whether or not he is considering firing Robert Mueller, Wallace got even more frustrated when Sekulow tried to tell him “what he was trying to do” during the interview.

Wallace told Sekulow:

‘Don’t tell me what I’m trying to do because you don’t know what I’m trying to do. Actually, what I’m trying to get is a straight answer out of you.’

He then went on to ask Sekulow whether or not Trump could be indicted under the constitution. When Sekulow said that he could not be indicted “because there is not an investigation,” Wallace responded:

‘Oh boy, this is weird. You don’t know whether there is an investigation. You just told us that.’

Clearly irritated with Sekulow’s refusal to answer his questions, Wallace finally gave up and changed the subject to whether or not Trump should keep tweeting about the case.

Watch the full exchange in the video below, available via YouTube:

Featured Image is a screenshot from the video.

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