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Taxi driver jailed over 297 false accusations, failing to pay karaoke bill

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A taxi driver was sentenced to jail on Tuesday for falsely accusing his customers of upsetting his business and fleeing a karaoke salon without paying his bill. / Korea Times file

By Eom Da-sol

A taxi driver who made hundreds of false accusations against his customers over 20 years was jailed for 15 months on Tuesday.

The Seoul Southern District Court was told that the false accusation charge against the driver, surnamed Kim, who pleaded guilty, arose after an incident on Sep. 21, 2016, involving customers surnamed Roh and Jang. They got into Kim’s taxi that day to go to Gimpo International Airport from Gangseo-gu, western Seoul.

The court heard that Roh had an argument with Kim over not fastening the seatbelt. Roh, upset, tried to leave the car but Kim grabbed his arm, forcing him to stay. Kim then drove about 50 meters while the passenger door was open.

Kim later sued Roh and Jang for disturbing his business.

But this was not the first time Kim had sued customers. He had filed 297 lawsuits over the past 20 years, according to the court. Most cases were dismissed.

The court also heard that Kim received a suspended sentence for a false accusation in 2009.

Kim was also found guilty of fraud for leaving a karaoke salon in Gwangmyeong city, Gyeonggi Province, last April without paying a 260,000 won ($232) bill.

“Kim deliberately caused arguments with customers and habitually sued them when things did not go as he expected,” a judge said.

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