Yeshiva dorm head arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse – Israel News

A CHILD abuse victim is portrayed in this illustrative photo.
(photo credit:REUTERS)

A dorm head in a Jerusalem yeshiva was arrested on Monday on suspicion of sexually abusing several minors over an extended period of time.

After arresting the man, 37, and following further investigation, the police located some of his alleged victims who were able to give an account of the crimes he allegedly committed.

According to the allegations, the suspect committed sodomy and other acts of indecent assault against boys under his care in the yeshiva. The dorm head would summon children to a storage room next to the yeshiva where he carried out these sexual acts, sometimes with more than one child at a time. In some instances, he would pay the pupils to carry out these acts, and in others, he would threaten them to do so.

So far, the police have taken testimonies from two alleged victims aged 17, as well as two other alleged victims aged 10 and 12, as they continue to identify other victims.

“This investigation is ongoing and details are unfolding of a web of severe sexual abuse and sexual misdemeanors committed by the suspect who exploited his position and closeness to innocent children,” the police said in a statement following the arrest, adding that social welfare agencies were involved in the investigation.

“The arrest of the suspect until all complaints have been collected is designed first and foremost to stop his crimes and to allow time to continue the investigation into him.”

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