Odesa celebrates day of liberation from fascist invaders

Romanian infantry is seen entering Odesa after the fall of the city to the Axis forces on October 22, 1941, during World War II on the eastern frontline. Romanian fascist junta of Ion Antonescu had overthrown King Carol II and allied to Hitler against Stalin in October 1940. During the Axis occupation thousands of Odesans were murdered or deported.

Photo by AFP

ODESA – Odesa celebrates the 73rd anniversary of its liberation from fascist invaders on April 10.

Ceremonies to lay down flowers to the monument to the Unknown Sailor, the Wing of Victory monument, and the Memorial to the 411th coastal squadron are scheduled to be held in the city on April 10.

The celebration program also includes a festival of military bands, exhibits, recitals, open lessons at schools and other events.

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