No Ukrainians injured in terrorist attack in Alexandria

Egyptians gather by debris resulting from a blast which struck outside the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate in Alexandria as worshippers attended Palm Sunday mass earlier on April 9.

Photo by AFP

There are no Ukrainian citizens among victims as a result of the terrorist attack in Alexandria.

“The consul informs about the absence of Ukrainians among the victims of the terrorist attack in Alexandria, Egypt,” the press service of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reported on Twitter on April 9 evening.

Two attacks on Christian churches occurred in Egypt on April 9. According to various sources, from 25 to 30 people were killed, more than 50 were injured as a result of the explosion in the church of the city of Tanta. In Alexandria, a blast thundered at the entrance to St. Mark’s Cathedral, at least 11 people became victims. Both explosions, according to police, were carried out by suicide bombers. Responsibility for the attacks was assumed by the terrorist group Islamic State.

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