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A lot of people have already imagined what Apple’s next flagship will look like by creating amazing iPhone 8 concepts, but now we have what appears to be leaked schematics scrawled on a piece of paper.iPhone 8 concept. Credit: Babor Balogh

iPhone 8 concept. Credit: Babor Balogh

If these drawings are to be believed, supposedly made by a Foxconn worker, many of the iPhone 8 rumors we’ve seen are going to come true.

Spotted by BGR and leaked on the Chinese site Weibo, the first drawing shows a front that’s almost all screen, so you can possibly expect a Touch ID sensor integrated into the display.

There’s also dual camera up front, which lines up with reports that Apple is working on a 3D camera system for the iPhone 8. This would likely be used to log you into the device via face recognition.

Credit: Weibo

The illustration of the back of the iPhone 8 shows dual cameras as well, similar to the iPhone 7 Plus, but it’s positioned vertically instead of horizontally. The Weibo report mentions that this could also be a 3D camera, which could open up all sorts of augmented reality applications.

Last but not least, the Foxconn worker drew where the antenna lines would be at the bottom of the phone, which seem pretty subtle.

Other rumored features for the iPhone 8 include a curved OLED display, as well as wireless charging and a powerful new A11 chip. The device will likely be announced in September, but based on recent reports actual shipments could be delayed until later in the fall.

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Concept by Gabor Balogh

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