Japanese site offers $90,000 for defeating pro boxer

Abema TV is looking for challengers to beat professional boxer Kameda Koki. / Courtesy of Abema TV

By Eom Da-sol

Abema TV, a Japanese online live-stream broadcasting website, is searching for people who can defeat professional boxer Kameda Koki and win 10 million yen ($90,000).

To celebrate its first anniversary, the site announced: “10 million yen if you beat Koki” on its website.

Koki was World Boxing Association (WBA) bantamweight champion in 2010 and World Boxing Council (WBC) flyweight champion in 2009.

The website plans to stream the weigh-ins and the actual fights on May 7.

Anyone can apply, regardless of nationality, occupation, age, gender, race and even boxing experience.

But considering Koki’s weight class, applicants must be under 175 centimeters tall and weight no more than 70 kilograms.

“Boxing is the only proof that shows I am alive,” Koki told Abema TV.

“I will not flee or hide. People who think they can beat a champion easily or want to earn 10 million yen, come and get me.”

Some Japanese netizens commented, “This is a childish show, anyone taller or heavier than him could have won easily, but the show bans them from challenging.”

Applicants should send an email with their name, age, home address, job, height, weight, photo and reason for the challenge, to

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