Badass bird stuntin’ for security camera is definitely up to something

The worst part about having a home security system is the terror that comes with getting an intruder alert. Like, sure, you know there’s an intruder, now what?

But sometimes the intruders are far from harmful. Sometimes they’re downright cute.

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Twitter user @mozo6 posted this picture of a bird that set off her security camera’s intruder alert and it’s terrifying. Just take a look for yourself:

There are a few really great things about this bird, the first being that it genuinely looks like it wants to hit that camera with a baseball bat and start conducting some criminal bird-tivities. It looks so aggressive and skeptical. 

Has anyone actually checked to make sure it didn’t proceed to peck the camera until it cracked, allowing its henchmen to enter the house? Just asking the questions that need to be asked.

Other people were skeptical of its innocence as well: 

Oh no, squirrels are involved too? That’s never good news.

Intimidation tactics are very possibly at work here, and they’ve never looked cuter.

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