April The Giraffe’s Labor Delays

April’s fans are growing anxious as the pregnant giraffe shows no sign of going into active labor well after she was expected to give birth.

The Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, set up a live stream to document April’s pregnancy and the birth of her calf in February. The live stream went viral with over 100,000 people watching April at any given time.

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However, as the internet sensation’s fans try to remain patient, the wait seems to keep increasing. Close to two months after the live cam was set up, there is no sign of the calf.

You can watch the live stream here.

The upstate New York zoo posts regular updates on its Facebook page, which is followed by over a million people, to keep viewers in the loop about her health and behavior every day.

In the evening update Thursday, the zoo reported that April’s appetite was strong again, “after a few days of picking at grain and hay.”

“We have been told by other parks that mothers will sometimes feast just before the birth,” the zoo reported, adding updates from the keeper’s visit. “Who knows and here is to hoping! Behavior was very typical at first, but shifted during Allysa’s time with her. This is not a bad thing, just adds another piece to our puzzle.”

The zoo also said it was concerned over the weather, which grew cold and wet, forcing the giraffes to remain indoors till the skies clear up.

The park is currently concentrating on its opening May 13, where it said it will set up a “giraffe yard, or Giraffe Encounter Deck cam” after the interest April has generated from across the world. It also added details about its text alert system, which is aimed at providing subscribers with real-time updates on the giraffe.

This calf will be April’s fourth and the zoo said it will conduct a naming contest after its birth to involve fans in the crucial process. However, it stressed that no further information would be given out on the topic, to avoid “jinxing” the process.

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