Toyota tunes the GT86 so that you won’t have to

Toyota is launching a new special edition of its affordable sports car complete with a unique paint finish and some transmission tweaks.

The standard Toyota 86 (or GT86 depending where in the world you live) is a huge favorite with the Japanese tuner community thanks to its sprightly boxer engine, rear-wheel drive, classical wedge-shaped styling and the huge choice of aftermarket parts and accessories available for it.

However, with the new 860 Special Edition, Toyota is offering the car “tuned” as standard. It will come in either supernova Orange or Halo White (just 860 examples in each color) and with a host of external aerodynamic adjustments including a special rear spoiler, underbody aerodynamics, 17-inch alloy wheels and contrasting black racing stripes.

Inside there’s a leather interior, the infotainment system has been uprated to measure track performance including g-force in corners and torque curves and if you plump for the paddle-shift gearbox it comes with automatic rev matching to replicate heel-toeing the throttle and brake while downshifting.

“The 86 is recognized by enthusiasts for its impressive driving performance and its value-oriented price tag,” said John Myers, Toyota national manager vehicle marketing and communications. “The 860 Special Edition will amplify these core elements with an added dose of premium styling mixed with performance technology.”

The new model will cost from $29,155 when it goes on sale in the US at the end of March.

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