This new ‘Lego tape’ could change how you build with bricks

If you believe Lego only belongs spread across the floor, you might want to broaden your horizons.

A new tape has been developed which will allow builders to place their creations on the walls, the ceiling, furniture and pretty much anywhere else.

This will no doubt be depressing news for parents whose homes are already a minefield of tiny plastic bricks.

Nimuno Loops is not an official product but is causing a stir among fans.

It is a roll of tape which is sticky on one side but has buildable studs on the other.

Here’s how it works

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The people who invented the tape promise it’s compatible with Lego, Mega Bloks, Kre-O and most other building block systems.

Anine Kirsten and Max Basler, the makers of the tape, asked people online to donate $8,000 (£6,556) to help them develop their product through a crowdsourcing platform.

So far they’ve raised almost $400,000 (£327,800) from people wanting to use it, after working on it at home in Cape Town for more than a year.

So far it’s proved pretty popular.

Image caption Is this the end for boring plastic dinosaurs you can’t build on?

“We have done almost all of the product development ourselves on laptops and in Max’s garage,” they wrote on their fundraising page.

“It’s been a crazy-steep learning curve.”

Newsbeat has contacted Lego to find out if they support the product or will be working with Nimuno in the future, but they have yet to respond.

Nimuno Tape

Image caption Yes, building bricks could be stuck to every surface in your home

The tape is manufactured in the US and the developers say they hope to start selling it in July.

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