IDF court sentences one Rabbi Mark killer to two life terms – Arab-Israeli Conflict

Israeli forces demolish West Bank house of Palestinian involved in July shooting attack that killed Rabbi Michael Mark.
(photo credit:IDF SPOKESMAN’S UNIT)

The Judea Military Court on Wednesday sentenced the driver in the July 1, 2016 drive-by-shooting of Rabbi Michael Mark to two life sentences as well as an NIS 250,000 fine.

The sentence also took into account Palestinian Authority security forces member Muhammad Abd Al-Majid Amaira’s involvement in injuring Mark’s wife, Chavi, and two children during the terror attack and three earlier attempted murders.

An IDF statement said that the army “joins in the sorrow of the family of Rabbi Mark… and will continue to defend the security of the citizens of the state and to render the full force of justice to terrorists.”

In August 2016, the IDF demolished Amaira’s home after the High court of Justice rejected a petition to block the demolition.

The predawn demolition by security forces working together with the Civil Administration, on government orders, took place in the West Bank town of Dura, seven kilometers southwest of Hebron.

Amaira, who has been in Israeli custody since mid-July, confessed after his arrest to being the driver in the July 1 shooting attack on Route 60, near Othniel.

Muhammad Fakia, the gunman in the attack, was killed in an exchange of fire with the IDF in the West Bank village of Tzurif, near Hebron on July 27 when Fakia barricaded himself inside a home, and opened fire on security personnel with a Kalashnikov rifle.

Prior to that exchange of fire, security forces had arrested Amaira, 38, in connection with the attack. According to the Shin Bet, he confessed to acting as the driver as Fakia fired shots out of the moving vehicle.

Fakia’s brother, who confessed to helping the gunman hide and to stowing away the rifle after the attack, was also taken into Israeli custody.

The uncle of the two brothers, Ma’az Fakia, was also arrested, and said during questioning that he hosted Fakia at his home in the days following the shooting attack. Additional members of Fakia’s family were also arrested on suspicion of assisting him and helping him hide.

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