35 By Imperial for young

Scotch whisky has usually been enjoyed and consumed by those aged over 40 who have enough purchasing power to order a shot of the hard liquor at bars.

This is no longer the case as Pernod Ricard introduces the 35 By Imperial for younger drinkers.

The French distilled beverage giant seeks to attract younger consumers in their 30s to the award-winning brand.

The 35 By Imperial scotch has a low alcohol by volume (ABV) of 35 degrees.

With its simple design, imagery of fun and harmony and smooth taste, 35 By Imperial has been gaining attention with positive reviews and consumer feedback since its release last December.

The low ABV brand won the Best of the Best Prize in Whisky at the 2017 Korean Wine & Spirits Awards last month.

“35 By Imperial was awarded as it was able to offer a unique taste to young consumers who can relate to and enjoy it,” said Kim Kyung-yeon, Pernod Ricard Korea’s director of Imperial’s marketing.

“To become an inspirational brand, we will continue to focus on communicating with consumers to bring Imperial scotch to them more closely.”

The company has launched digital marketing and promotional campaigns to further appeal to the young.

It opened the new site where consumers can learn about 35 By Imperial, and participate in events, play games and watch videos.

The annual Korean Wine & Spirits Awards has been held four times so far.

It is a prestigious award that selects winners with strict criteria for good drinks and value.

The Best of the Best is considered to be a trustworthy award given to brands with the best quality.

The 35 By Imperial is sold in a transparent 450-milliliter bottle. (Advertorial)

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