We can tolerate his gross quirks, but not his policies

Re “The Trump presidency: get used to it” by Alex Beam (Opinion, March 13): Get used to it? Yes, we can probably get used to our president lying to us on a nearly daily basis. Yes, we might get used to his undisguised racism. Perhaps we could get used to his childlike comments, his inability to put two sentences together to express a coherent thought, and his nauseating self-promotion and narcissism. And maybe we can get used to his deranged attraction to false and dangerous conspiracy theories. These are all, at best, gross personality quirks or, at worst, symptoms of serious mental illness. In and of themselves they do no direct harm.

However, when they are reflected in official action of the administration, we should not get used to it. When undocumented immigrants, whose most grievous offense has been receipt of a traffic ticket, are deported, or when parents are separated from children, we should not get used to it.


When the Cabinet consists of oligarchs who are positioned to plunder our national treasure, and when our air may become sickening and our water fouled because they say industry has been “overregulated,” we should not get used to it.

When an ignorant and grossly unqualified Cabinet secretary threatens public school education or when 24 million people could lose their health insurance over the next decade, we should not get used to it.

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We should and must resist to the limit of the law. We must remain disciplined, organized, and united in our resistance. And we should not stop resisting until Donald Trump is removed from office.

Martin A. Luster


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