This man has dressed as a parrot to sell his house

This man is trying to sell his house by dressing up as a parrot in the advertising pictures.

The mystery seller appears in every image of the property in the Horwich area of Bolton.

With bright green legs and coloured feathers, we see him relaxing inside the £225,000 home and even using a barbecue on the patio.

It’s on the market with local estate agent Platinum Properties who say the homeowner was “up for a laugh”.

Image caption Scenic views as Mr Parrot enjoys a good book in the living room

Estate agent Steve Laycock tells Newsbeat “the parrot has requested anonymity but he tends to squawk rather than tweet.

“It’s a macaw showing off the decor”.

The weather is warming up, it can only mean a BBQ for the parrot

Image caption Birds in Bolton definitely love BBQ ribs on a sunny March afternoon

The parrot shows off his beautiful views, where he can really spread his wings

Image caption Mr Parrot spread his wings to alert buyers to the stunning views from the window

The three-bedroom property also features “a gloss black kitchen with granite work surfaces”.

The parrot chirps up about his great cooking

Image caption Can’t sell your gleaming black and chrome kitchen? Add a man in a parrot suit

There’s also a “magnificent outdoor entertaining area, featuring a granite terraced patio with decked seating area”.

The parrot put his feet up after eating too much at his BBQ

Image caption Mr Parrot relaxing after his solo barbecue. Not weird at all

This odd approach to marketing seems to be working.

Steve told the Bolton News: “We’ve already done a couple of viewings.

“We always like to think we do some of the best photography of the estate agents in the area.”

The parrot chills out in his spacious double bedroom

Image caption Mr Parrot would like you to see his spacious double bedroom

The parrot wait for his hot date to dine

Image caption Tempted to put in an offer yet?

The parrot has a nice long bubble bath in his jacuzzi tub

Image caption After a hard day dressing up as a parrot, jacuzzi time

There’s also parking, a terraced patio and stainless steel fencing to keep both children and parrots safe “while giving the whole area a continental feel”.

This Bolton parrot-dise (we are so sorry) has been on sale for a week, but no offers yet.

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