SBU chief denies dispersion of Donbas transport blockade activists

Ukraine’s SBU security service chief Vasyl Hrytsak speaks to media during a press conference in Kyiv on June 6, 2016.

Photo by AFP

Participants of a trade blockade in Donbas have not been broken up, armed people were detained on March 13, but were released from custody later, Ukrainian Security Service chief Vasyl Hrytsak said.

“As to dispersion, I see that no one has broken up someone, people were detained, work has been conducted with them and they were released from custody,” Hrytsak told reporters in Uzhhorod on March 14, adding that one cannot breach the rules and stay with weapons where it is forbidden.

“We cannot allow people with arms walking along the streets of our cities and villages […] The ATO zone, which the Ukrainian state authorities are controlling, is also Ukrainian territory […] I stand for people voicing their protests peacefully […] Let’s have some discussions, let’s the Verkhovna Rada express its stance, local recommendations,” the SBU head said. “And let it be the position […] no one has not yet built democracy in Makhno’s manner,” he said.

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