Couple Found Guilty In Bali Policeman Killing

A couple involved in the death of a policeman in Bali were sentenced to prison Monday.

Sara Connor, 46, was found guilty of “group assault” and given four years’ in the slammer, while her partner, David Taylor, 34, was found guilty of group assault and sentenced to six years behind bars, ABC News reported Monday.

Taylor, a British man from Halifax, and Connor, an Australian woman from Byron Bay, were arrested following the death of Bali police officer, Wayan Sudarsa, last August. A fight broke out between Taylor and the officer when Taylor accused Sudarsa of stealing a bag. The assault led to Sudarsa’s subsequent death and his body was found on Kuta Beach, a popular beach destination, Aug. 17.

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It was later determined he sustained dozens of wounds to his body, some of which were caused by binoculars and a glass bottle, according to BBC News.

Connor, a mother-of-two, claimed she attempted to break up the fight between Taylor and Sudarsa. Taylor said the violence was in self-defense.  Connor’s two children will be looked after by her ex-husband in Australia.

Taylor was formerly known as a DJ who used to perform as “DJ Nutzo.” His parents were present at the Monday sentencing.

“Concerning the tragic events of that night on Legian Beach back in August and the subsequent trial, we are immensely saddened and our hearts go out to the widow of officer Wayan Sudarsa and his family to whom we extend our deepest condolences,” Taylor’s father, John, said in a statement following the verdict, via ABC News. “However, we do believe that our son David feared for his own life that night and his actions reflect that. “At the end,” he said, “we are content with the sentence.”

The couple both faced eight-year sentences, originally. Taylor had admitted to beating the man, while Connor had said she was present but did not participate in the violence. Connor’s lawyers had originally pleaded with the court to throw out the case, according to SBS TV. Following the sentence, Taylor decided not to appeal and Connor will deliberate with her lawyers. 

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