Chinese woman who vandalizes Lotte Mart [VIDEO]

By Lee Han-soo

Chinese police are looking for a woman who has posted more than 100 videos of herself vandalizing products in a Lotte Mart in retaliation against the U.S. deployment of missile defense system in South Korea.

In the video, the woman, who appear to be in her 20s, crushing the instant noodle cups, stealing snacks, giving her middle finger in an obscene gesture at the main gate and drinking beverages before putting the containers back on the shelf.

These videos began to appear one after another on Chinese portal Sohu from early this month, and have gone viral.

The videos have caused more negative reaction than support from the public as well, according to China Global Television Network (CGTN).

Chinese netizens have been criticizing the woman for trying to disguise her crimes as acts of patriotism.

“Boycotting Korean products? No! We should boycott such idiots first,” commented an online user.

Chinese police have also criticized the woman.

“Loving our country has to be done rationally,” police said on their Weibo page. “The woman’s acts cannot be written off as thickheaded but rather a vicious act that tarnishes patriotism.”

A Lotte Group spokesperson said the company was aware of the vandalism, but had no plans to take legal actions.

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