Russia regulating diesel supplies to Ukraine to prevent use by military

Soldiers from the Donbas battalion arrive at their base in a pig farm near Novoluhanske, Donetsk Oblast on Dec. 25.

MOSCOW – Supplies of diesel fuel to Ukraine are being permitted for civilian use on the basis of a complex risk analysis connected with the possibility they will be used in the interest of Ukraine’s military structures, Russia’s Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC) told Interfax.

“Information about the FSTEC’s alleged decision to stop pipeline supplies of diesel fuel to Ukraine does not correspond with reality,” the agency said.

“Taking into account the policy the Kyiv authorities are carrying out in relation to the southeastern regions of the Donbas, the FSTEC is regulating those supplies in the framework of the federal law on export control with the goal of preventing them from being used by armed forces and paramilitary units,” the agency said.

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