Park’s mental fitness

Ex-president chooses to defile rule of law

President Park Geun-hye was impeached and fired for showing no intention to perform her sworn duty to uphold and protect the Constitution. Park illegally shared her mandate with a private friend to promote their personal interests and obstructed an effort to investigate their infringement.

Now as ex-president, Park has shown no change, defying the ruling by the Constitutional Court, irrevocably confirming that she was the wrong choice to begin with and unfit to govern the nation as president, a job that requires a great deal of sacrifice and an immense sense of mission.

More bluntly, calling her less than an ordinary housewife should be taken as an affront on the latter.

After being holed up in the presidential residence for two days after the Constitutional Court kicked her out of office, Park moved to her Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, residence, Sunday. She finally spoke only through her aides and her statement was one of defiance. “The truth will come to light eventually,” she said.

When the nation most needed her concession and word of unity, Park feigned innocence and played the role of victim _ a battle cry that will stoke the ideological division left gaping from demonstrations of pros and cons over her impeachment.

She also smiled and shook hands with her supporters gathered near her residence, sharing greetings with lawmakers who led the pro-Park demonstrations.

Few could understand how she could smile, failing to comprehend the magnitude of her lapse as a leader that threw the nation into a state of chaos and confrontation. One may question her mental fitness, the finding that she had conspired with her confidant Choi Soon-sil to milk chaebol coming to the nation’s collective mind.

How could Park fail to fathom the enormous costs her misrule has inflicted upon the nation? How will she confront history’s judgment to be passed on her misdeeds that have defiled the nation’s highest office for good? How could she not be fearful of the responsibility for the nation that will have to pay for the thorns of division she sowed the seeds for?

It won’t take long before she sees the result of her defiance. The clashes that started over her impeachment are likely to raise their ugly heads again as a presidential election scheduled for May approaches. The chance is that whoever gets elected will end up as a president representing only half of the nation.

This internal turmoil will likely coincide with the advent of the worst set of external circumstances looming over the Korean Peninsula _ an acute rivalry between the U.S. and China against the background of an ever-belligerent North Korea.

Still, one could gain consolation by considering the worse-case scenario: what if Park still remained in office. We wouldn’t even have had a hope then.

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