Lawyer says Nasirov case will not be quick

A suspended Chief of State Fiscal Service Roman Nasirov lies on a stretcher in the courtroom in Solomyansky District Court in Kyiv during his arrest hearing on March 5.

Photo by Volodymyr Petrov

The case of Roman Nasirov, suspended from the duties of the head of the State Fiscal Service, will not be quick. The investigation will be prolonged for at least four months, one of Nasirov’s lawyers, Ihor Cherezov, said on the Inter TV channel on March 12 evening.

“It’s hard to say when the case will be made final, I think that its investigation will be continued for at least up to four months, at least, with regard to Nasirov himself. We [the lawyers] were given a sufficiently large package of documents to be looked into and submit our counterarguments. The defense had only three days before and during the trial, therefore, we will be preparing for the defense,” he said.

Cherezov noted that the issue of a bailing is not being considered now. In addition, he noted that the requirements of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office on the bail of $ 2 billion are not justified neither legally nor economically.”

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