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Youth and Hi-tech in Israel.
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Intel’s acquisition of Mobileye is only the latest in a rich history of lucrative exits by Israeli companies. Here are the top 10 most successful ones to date, according to the IVC Research Center, ISRAEL21c and the No Camels website.

• NDS: Acquired by Cisco for approximately $5 billion in 2012 but established in 1988, one of the first Israeli start-ups to do software development.

• Chromatis: Acquired by Lucent for $4.5 billion in 2000. Chromatis Networks was an Israeli start-up company that developed next-generation transport solutions.

• Waze: Israel’s world-famous community-based mapping, traffic and navigation application was acquired by Google for $966 million in 2013.

•EZ Chip: Acquired by Mellanox for $811 million in 2016. EZchip provides high-performance processing solutions for carrier and data center networks.

• Trusteer: The global leader in end-point cyber crime prevention was acquired by IBM for $800 million in 2013.

• Retalix: Acquired by NCR for $800 million in 2013. Retalix SCM develops and supports software applications for retailers and distributors of fast-moving consumer goods, mainly in the supermarket and food service industry.

• Objet: 3D printer manufacturer Objet Geometries merged with US rival Stratasys in 2012 for $634 million to became the largest 3D printing company in the world.

• MediaMind Technologies: The global provider of digital advertising campaign management solutions for ad agencies and advertisers was acquired by DG for $517 million in 2011.

• Zoran Corporation: Acquired by CSR for $484 million in 2011. Zoran develops integrated circuits and embedded software used in digital videodisc (DVD) players, digital video recorders, digital cameras and HD television sets. • XtremIO: The storage system company that developed a purpose-built all-flash system was acquired by EMC for $450 million in 2012.

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