Toddlers crash BBC interview on Park impeachment

By Lee Han-soo

A BBC interview with Robert Kelly, an associate professor of international relations at Pusan National University, about impeached Korean President Park Geun-hye has become a sensation online.

The professor was being interviewed live on Britain’s BBC One news channel via Skype when his daughter Marion, 4, and son James, nine months, innocently came into the room.

In the video, Marion can be seen cheerfully dancing toward him as James sits in a stroller.

A woman, later identified as Kelly’s wife Kim Jung-a, rushes the children out of the room.

The professor had to take a moment to get back to the serious issue at hand.

The video has already generated numerous hilarious memes such as “Not now, daddy is a professor.”

According to The Daily Mail newspaper, the professor’s mother, said the children probably thought their dad was using Skype to talk to their grandparents in South Korea.

The video has also created a controversy be referring to Kim as a nanny.

People on social media quickly assumed she was a nanny, with some posting comments such as “The ninja nanny just hid the kids” or “The dad doesn’t give the kids a second look while the nanny takes them away.”

Some online users have pointed out that such comments are racial stereotypes. The Los Angeles Times published an article under the headline, “That Asian mom is not the nanny. Why do so many people assume she is?”

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