Politicians blast pro-Park lawmaker’s ‘crazy dogs’ statement

By Eom Da-sol
Kim Hak-chul

Ten main opposition Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) members from the North Chungcheong Provincial Council have indicted right-wing Rep. Kim Hak-chul for calling them “crazy dogs” in public.

Kim, a member of the Liberty Korea Party (LKP) that supported former president Park Geun-hye, allegedly said on Feb. 25, “There are 250 dangerous dogs who motioned for the impeachment of Park in the National Assembly of Korea. The crazy dogs should be shot dead.”

He was citing a parliamentary vote last December in favor of impeaching the former president over a corruption scandal.

He made the comment when speaking to Park’s supporters during a demonstration in Cheongju.

The DPK lawmakers motioned the indictment to the Special Committee on Ethics and demanded strong disciplinary action.

“Kim’s statement is seriously violent and anti-democratic,” a spokesperson said.

Kim said he would not want withdraw or amend his comment. “That was a statement to point out the lawmakers who do not satisfy their given roles — there is absolutely no problem with the statement,” he said. He accused the DPK members of spreading untrue and manipulated information about him.

If more than one-fifth of the council members ― 20 out of 31 are LKP lawmakers ― agree to the indictment motion, Kim will be referred to the Ethics Committee, which will further consider whether to cut short his political life. Five of the committee’s seven members are also from the LKP.

A DPK lawmaker said, “Because Park was impeached last Friday, it will not be easy for the LKP members to take Kim’s side blindly.”

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