Northeast US braced for late winter blast | News

Spring continues to struggle to break through across the northeastern US.

March began with temperatures in New York reaching 21 C.

The last few days have seen highs barely reaching freezing or 0 C.

The bitterly cold air has surged out of Canada and has introduced record low temperatures across some parts east of the Mississippi down into the mid-Atlantic states.

The frigid air mass responsible can actually be traced right back into Canada’s Northwest Territories. It will be next weekend before New York gets temperatures anywhere near the March average of 7 C.

A brisk northwesterly wind is adding to the significant wind-chill and with a deepening area of low pressure now moving up the Eastern Seaboard, and a blizzard watch has already been issued for widespread snowfall on Monday night into Tuesday.

As the low moves northwards it will interact with the cold air and at the same time draw in moisture from the Atlantic, producing copious amounts of snow.

The pending winter storm will become a Nor’easter and is expected to produce crippling accumulations of snow anywhere from Washington DC to New England.

Many areas could see 15cm or more of snow in less than 12 hours.

Widespread disruption is likely. There is also the potential for torrential rains along the coastal fringes as well as a significant storm surge.

This storm may well be making headlines for many days to come.

Source: Al Jazeera News

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