Last anti-Park protest held in Daegu

A member of a civil organization in Daegu calling for former President Park Geun-hye’s impeachment cries for joy after the Constitutional Court decided unanimously to impeach Park on Mar. 10. / Korea Times file

By Eom Da-sol

Citizens of Daegu, where former President Park Geun-hye began her political life in the late 1990s, celebrated her impeachment at Daegu Department Store square on Saturday.

After the Constitutional Court’s impeachment announcement on Friday, 7,000 citizens in the square screamed with joy.

Some citizens wrote messages against the former president, such as “We do not have to come out on the streets anymore” and “Citizens have won.”

A big whale balloon, which symbolizes the Sewol ferry disaster that claimed 304 lives in 2014, flew above the crowd.

Daegu had traditionally shown strong support for right-wing politicians, including Park. In the last presidential election in late 2011, 80.1 percent of the city’s votes went to her.

But last November, when it was revealed she was involved in a corruption scandal, the city’s support for Park plummeted to just 3 percent, according to Gallup Korea poll.

Many former supporters have since then turned their backs on Park. Candlelit protests were held every Saturday in the city.

Meanwhile, remaining Park supporters held a protest on Jan. 26 calling for nullification of the impeachment bill for which the parliament voted in December.

At the last anti-Park protest, Lee Yong-soo, a victim of sexual slavery by the Japanese military during the Japanese colonial period (1910-45), said, “Park was elected by us, and we dragged her down from the position.”

‘Citizens are the rulers of the nation. We should continue our best efforts so the (Park) situation is not repeated.”

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