UNIAN: Third part of Maidan killings reconstruction footage compilation released

A EuroMaidan protester throws a sack onto the burring barricade separating police from protesters on Maidan Nezalezhnosti late on Feb. 18, 2014. Earlier that day, following heavy clashes with riot police, the anti-government protesters were forced back to their main encampment on the square as police advanced. Some of the protesters’ tents on the square were burned by police, and protesters hastily assembled a new line of defense on the remaining part of the square under their control, desperately dragging anything that would burn to feed the flames of their burning barricade.

Photo by Anastasia Vlasova

The third part was published on March 10 of the second edition of a documentary titled “Vysota Zhovtnevy” [Zhovtnevy Height], a thoroughly compiled video compilation showing tragic events at the Maidan on a day when Yanukovych forces slammed down on pro-European protesters, and numerous participants of the Revolution of Dignity were killed.

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