Park forced out: foreign media reacts

Screenshot from CNN Website

By Eom Da-sol

Major foreign media outlets have covered in detail the Constitutional Court’s decision on Friday to uphold the impeachment of President Park Geun-hye. Japan’s NHK, China’s CCTV and CNBC in the U.S. live-streamed the court’s announcement. CNN was the most aggressive with “PARK OUT” as top headline of its website.

1. The United Kingdom

The Guardian said “South Korea must elect a new president at a time of widespread anger at the state of the economy,” and expected presidential hopeful Moon Jae-in to seek dialogue with North Korea and China on nuclear missile testing and the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile battery deployment. It also anticipated “political stability” in Korea after the impeachment.

2. Japan

Japanese broadcasting company TV Asahi was concerned about the future relationship of Seoul and Tokyo. It said: “Considering the last North Korean missile test that breached the Japanese border, South Korea is clearly a nation to cooperate with. But after the impeachment, there lies a possibility of Seoul reducing its hostile attitude toward Pyongyang.”

Reuters Japan quoted Koreans who are working at IBK Asset as saying: “The stock market will actually rise after the impeachment, and the market is expected to turn positively to Seoul.”

3. North Korea

Extraordinarily, even North Korea’s national broadcasting agency delivered the news. Korean Central TV said: “After the continued demand of South Koreans for the impeachment of Park, the Constitutional Court officially ousted the president.”

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