LG G6 embraces compact yet large display

LG Electronics’ new flagship G6 smartphone is displayed at its booth during this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, last week. / Korea Times photo by Lee Min-hyung

By Lee Min-hyung

LG Electronics’ mobile unit seems to be finally headed in the right direction, answering users’ needs by incorporating a 5.7-inch large screen with a compact design for its new flagship G6 smartphone.

Before and after launching the device last week, the company hyped up the 18:9 FullVision display, which at first does not look as innovative and surprising as its predecessor’s interchangeable modular design.

But LG successfully embraced the unprecedented display ratio by minimizing the handset size with an almost bezel-less front side.

At first glance, anyone can notice the rather unfamiliar display proportion, as it is somewhat different from the 16:9 ratio prevalent in the existing handset industry.

The 18:9 ratio comes with no striking downsides, delivering a more stable and immersive watching experience for users. By reducing bezels in the bottom, the G6 came with a height of 14.89 centimeters, smaller than the 14.94 centimeters of the G5.

The firm highlighted that the compact design is aimed at improving one-handed usability, allowing advanced multitasking.

Another design feature is its full metal body, with LG scrapping its traditionally removable battery type in an apparent move to express a sleeker design and upgrade waterproofing.

The new phone, which debuted at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC), also gained the spotlight for its user-friendly camera features.

The G6 features 13-megapixel dual-rear cameras, each for wider angle shots and existing normal purposes. The 125-degree angle shot generates more realistic and stunning images, as it is as wide as a human eye’s field of view. The company explains the wider angle enables users to capture almost identical images to what they see with their eyes.

This, however, does not look so eye-catching because it is not the first time the firm adopted wide-angle functionality for its smartphone cameras.

For this particular model, the company has taken full advantage of the unique screen size by offering diverse camera functions — including snap shot, match shot, grid shot and guide shot. The “square camera” app delivers all the different shooting experiences, as the 18:9 screen ratio can be split exactly into two squares.

The “snap shot” allows users to check and edit a photo in real time, with an upper square of the screen functioning as a camera and the bottom half showing a preview of the final image. This feature is exactly what users wanted with their smartphone cameras, even if it looks simple.

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