At least 23 Ukrainian soldiers killed in Russia’s war in February-March

At least 23 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed over the last three weeks in Donbas.

The fighting between Ukrainian forces and Russia-backed rages on in eastern Ukraine.  At least 69 attacks on Ukrainian positions were reported from March 8 to March 9, with the Donetsk Oblast settlements of Vodyane, Shyrokyne, Avdiyivka and Zaitseve remaining hot spots.

Sporadic shelling has claimed the lives of 23 Ukrainian soldiers over the last three weeks, according to a Kyiv Post count based on the information from the military and volunteers. Some 178 soldiers have been wounded since February.

Civilian casualties soared in February as well, due to the escalation of hostilities in the Donetsk Oblast cities of Avdiyivka and Makiyivka. At least 11 people have been killed and 62 were injured, the highest numbers since August, as estimated by the United Nations.

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