(350) Saju of Kim Jong-nam, a prince of misfortune

By Janet Shin

Kim Jong-nam is known as the eldest son of Kim Jong-il, the former leader of North Korea, and the paternal half-brother of Kim Jong-un, who succeeded the hereditary power of the regime. Having been exiled, the elder Kim has been wandering and appearing in the media with intermittent criticisms of his brother’s regime. He was assassinated by poisoning at an airport in Malaysia in February 2017.

This incident drew public attention in various ways, such as uncertainty with the North Korean ruling system and national security concerns. But the general public may also be intrigued by the dispatching of Kim’s fate and how it has reached this point.

Reading the saju of Kim Jong-nam, we may find several tragic portents embedded from his birth. Without his birth hour verification, the three pillars all consist of yin letters. His day master yin wood represents fowers, ivy or small and weak trees and you may recognize it by the shape of its Chinese character (乙). Yin wood people are self-stressed and they usually have lots of worries and thoughts. Basically they tend to be ostentatious but don’t show the wood properties outside but rather more inwardly.

Being born in the month of fire, Kim wants to be the center of attention. However there is a pathos that it couldn’t grow big or tall while the wood property strives for expansion. The water element obviously plays a positive role to quench the tree’s thirst but its root, the year branch, unfortunately clashes with the month branch. Both letters suggest a transient life, which also has implications about his parents, siblings and public acceptance.

His day pillar portrays ‘the devil of white tiger.’ It suggests a sudden accident caused by a white tiger in the old days, but may depict an unnatural and untimely death nowadays. For the sake of yin wood, one of the alarming energies that may threaten its safety is yin metal (辛 and 酉) as they snip the tender branches of the tree. Last year was not a stable and settled year as the wandering letters were penalized among themselves and 2017 (丁酉) posed a menace to the security of his day master.

It is said that Kim Jong-un has the yin metal element that caused the clash both with the heavenly stems and earthly branches between the two brothers. But it is not clearly identified.

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The writer is the author of “Life’s Secrets”.

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