Sakvarelidze: Onyschenko tapes may be child’s play compared to Nasirov’s testimony against Poroshenko

Davit Sakvarelidze, deputy prosecutor general of Ukraine.

Photo by Kostyantyn Chernichkin

Former deputy head of Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office David Sakvarelidze has said he is convinced arrested head of Ukraine’s State Fiscal Service Roman Nasirov may testify against a number of high-ranking Ukrainian officials and politicians.

“We want to use Nasirov’s case full and will not allow the circus to wreck it. This is not just a banal case about corruption of one high-ranking official.

Nasirov is the main witness in future cases against Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, Petro Poroshenko Bloc deputy Ihor Kononenko, ex Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, parliament deputies Vitaliy Khomutynnyk and businessman Rinat Akhmetov. Nasirov is a golden fish for them, which they will hang on to by their teeth,” Sakvarelidze told the Kyiv-based GORDON news portal.

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