Rondiak leads Winner into its 25th year

Petro Rondiak, head of the management board of Winner Group Ukraine, speaks with the Kyiv Post on March 7 from the company’s headquarters and distribution center in Kapitanivka, 25 kilometers west of Kyiv (Volodymyr Petrov)


KAPITANIVKA, Ukraine – Petro Rondiak’s first car as a teenager in Massachusetts in the early 1980s was a rusty, smoke-belching, 10-year-old Peugeot hand-me-down from his Ukrainian immigrant parents.

Now Rondiak, 51, is head of the management board of Winner Group Ukraine, which sold 6,064 vehicles last year and is prepping for expansion as Ukraine’s economy rebounds.

“We can deliver 20,000 cars a year,” Rondiak told the Kyiv Post during a March 7 interview at Winner’s massive headquarters, 25 kilometers west of Kyiv. “We could do even more. We bought an additional 11 hectares nearby and we’re ready to expand.”

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