New car sales moving up, but used car market rules

A view of a Kyiv car lot at ALD Automotive, a specialist in corporate leasing and fleet management. The company is seeking to expand its presence in the used car market, where 90 percent of all vehicle sales in Ukraine take place. (Kostyantyn Chernichkin)

Photo by Kostyantyna Chernichkin

Ukraine is still not a car culture, but it’s trying.

Demand for new cars in Ukraine is up so far this year. Since car sales closely track with economic growth, this is a good sign for the nation. Even better news: Growth in new car sales is likely for years ahead.

But new car dealers are still climbing out of a sales trough that hit hard in 2014. For them, the golden year was 2008 – when new car registrations topped 600,000 vehicles – and they haven’t seen a year like it yet. Last year clocked in at 70,000 new car registrations.

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