iPhone users are going to want Twitter’s latest update

There’s a new Twitter update out today. I know this news normally ranks just above the latest Windows Update in terms of interest, but the new version of the app brings a feature that could clean out a whole bunch of space on your iPhone.

The update adds storage options to the Twitter app. If you go to Settings–>Storage, you can see what content you currently have cached. I didn’t even know that Twitter cached any more data than a couple recent tweets, so I was a little shocked (and just a touch annoyed) to see it’s been hogging a couple hundred megabytes.

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I made the mistake of buying a 32GB iPhone, so the last few months have been a very slow battle against filling up the storage on my device. Once you delete any lingering U2 albums and delete random old slo-mo videos, it’s actually difficult to free up any storage on an iPhone without making compromises.

There are some neat tricks you can try to free up storage from temporarily cached files, like buying a movie off iTunes that’s too big for your device. But that’s a scatter-gun approach, whereas I’m guessing you really won’t miss the cached data off Twitter. From what I can work out, the cached data includes cached media files like pictures, and some cached data on users like bios.

The update also brings the Twitter app one step closer to external apps that offer a cache-clearing option.

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