National Police initiates unplanned examination of roads in Ukraine

A leader of Ukrainian Internet Party, a former Ukrainian presidential candidate and the former mayoral candidate in Odessa city, which uses a name and the costume of Darth Vader, fictional character in the Star Wars film trilogy, rides an asphalt compactor as he repairs the road along with supporters in Odessa, southern Ukrainian city, on March 23, 2015.

Photo by AFP

The National Police of Ukraine has initiated the examination of the road network in order to bring the roads into a suitable condition, because significant pits were formed on the roads of Ukraine during the winter period, and in some areas the roadway is almost completely destroyed.

“As part of these activities, police officers jointly with road and utilities services will check the state of roads in their territories, determine the areas of streets and roads on which pits and other damages threaten road traffic safety,” the road safety department of the preventive actions unit of the National Police said.

On the results of checks, information on the state of roads will be sent to local executive authorities with the proposals for the priority elimination of pits on the most dangerous areas.

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