Healthy dose of skepticism over GOP plan to scrap Obamacare

Limits on Medicaid would cut services to vulnerable children

With their plan to limit Medicaid financing based on enrollment and costs in each state, House Republicans are stealing health security from nearly 700,000 Massachusetts children (“Health bill will cut Mass. funds,” Page A1, March 8). Thanks to MassHealth, an efficient and successful partnership between the federal government and the Commonwealth, these kids receive appropriate preventive, medical, dental, and behavioral health care. Federal funding assures that Massachusetts can afford the cost of services and cover all eligible children and families.

Restrictive Medicaid funding formulas will cut services to vulnerable children and serve only to push more of the financial burden to states. A likely result is that fewer children will have coverage and that benefits such as dental care will be cut back. That is wrong for children who most need access to cost-effective care; it will thrust a larger burden to the health care system in the form of uncompensated care.

Dr. Carole Allen


It’s a joke to associate GOP bid to scrap Obamacare with the word ‘care’


And the Republicans call themselves pro-life. The health care bill House Speaker Paul Ryan is pushing to replace the Affordable Care Act is inhumane.

It is anti-youth: With age-based tax credits that benefit older people whether they need it or not, this bill ensures that the working young will again assume an unfair burden.

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It is anti-women: By freeing insurance companies to drop contraception and maternity care and preventing plans from including abortion, it makes having children both harder to afford and harder to avoid.

It is virulently anti-poor by blocking access to low-cost Planned Parenthood health clinics and using block grants to ensure Medicaid is starved over time.

It is destructive to our economy, guaranteeing that the American workforce will be poorer and sicker in years to come.


It should be called the Old Rich Men Care Bill.

Sarah Coletti


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