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Trump Today: Get ready for Month Two

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Welcome to Trump Today, a one-stop entry point for the latest news on the 45th president of the United States.

The headlines


The second month of Donald J. Trump’s presidency is beginning. What’s next? If he can get past the controversies that have dogged him, his team hopes to make progress on changing the health care system and cutting taxes.

Trump picked Army Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster Monday as his new national security adviser, continuing a trend of relying on military officers to advise him on national security. McMaster will replace the ousted Michael Flynn.

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Since the November election, mental health professionals have reported a jump in politics-related anxiety among patients, as many Americans try to grapple with the impact of the Trump administration, the Globe’s Dugan Arnett reports.

Maine’s Susan Collins has emerged as part of a small group of Republicans who have shown they are unafraid to speak out against Trump, Globe correspondent Tyler Pager reports.

The Trump administration is expected to issue a new executive order this week that will supersede the controversial travel ban order. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said Saturday the new order would be “more streamlined.” Documents also suggest the government is preparing to dramatically ramp up immigration enforcement.


The schedule

Trump will visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture Tuesday morning. His calendar also includes a National Security Council briefing and dinner with Vice President Mike Pence.

What’s he been tweeting?

Trump was quiet early Tuesday morning on Twitter. Over the weekend he used Twitter to bash the “FAKE NEWS media,” to announce the appointment of McMaster, and to try to explain his misstatement in a Saturday speech about a terror attack in Sweden. (See below)

Video of the McMaster announcement

Here’s video of Trump announcing the selection of H.R. McMaster. The setting is Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida.

The weekend

Trump spent the holiday weekend at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida, returning to Washington Monday night. It was his third weekend in a row at Mar-a-Lago. His activities included a quick jaunt to speak at a Saturday afternoon political rally in Melbourne, Fla.; a Saturday night fundraising ball for Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; golf Sunday with pro Rory McIlroy and others; and stopping by a luncheon fundraiser Monday for people with special needs.

On Sunday, he had a full day of “meetings, calls and interviews for the new [national security adviser],” which he continued Monday, a spokesman said.

More headlines

Thousands of demonstrators turned out Monday across the country to challenge Trump in a Presidents Day protest dubbed Not My President’s Day.

Carolyn Kaster/AP


Mar-a-Lago’s well-heeled members and guests, who include New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick and Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr, enjoy a level of access to the president rarely seen in US history, the New York Times reports.

Is this any way to run a government? Trump’s first month has management experts shaking their heads, the Globe’s Annie Linskey reports.

A back-channel peace plan for Russia and Ukraine was brought to the White House by Trump’s associates, even at a time of heightened scrutiny of Trump’s ties to Russia, the New York Times reports. A Kremlin spokesman dismissed the plan as “absurd.”

Richard Cordray, who heads the federal consumer financial watchdog agency championed by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, has a big target on his back, the Globe’s Victoria McGrane reports.

What was that about Sweden?

After a tumultuous week in Washington, Trump on Saturday luxuriated in the attention of adoring supporters at a political rally in Melbourne, Fla., but he made more than a dozen dubious statements in his remarks. Here’s one fact-check. And here’s another.

One of his biggest misstatements was his suggestion that there had been a terror attack in Sweden on Friday night. “Look at what’s happening last night in Sweden,” he said. In fact, it had been a quiet night and Swedes were left insulted and scratching their heads.

Trump walked back the statement in two tweets. The first, posted on Sunday, explained that he had been referring to a story on Fox News about “immigrants & Sweden.” The second tweet, on Monday, suggested he had been talking about problems caused by immigrants in Sweden. Experts familiar with Swedish crime statistics, however, said there’s no proof of such problems.

Bashing the media

Trump also drew flak after he posted a tweet Friday afternoon saying that the media was “the enemy of the American People!” Fox news anchor Chris Wallace said he had gone too far. Defense Secretary James Mattis said he didn’t view the media as the enemy. Representative Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Commitee. said the comment was “deeply concerning.”

In an NBC-TV “Meet the Press” interview, Republican Senator John McCain said, “We need a free press. We must have it. It’s vital. … If you want to preserve democracy as we know it, you have to have a free and many times adversarial press.” (McCain also delivered a withering critique of Trump in a speech Friday night.)

Here’s a “Meet the Press” clip:

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